new blog.

as some of u might know i used to be an active blogger.
it was easy, i would just snap a picture with my old and scruffy phone, text it to an adress and within seconds it was posted on my blog.. easy breezy and beautiful for someone as technologically challenged as me..
but after a couple of yrs of blogging it all came to an abrupt end when the company that disributed my blog just suddenly disappeared (-thats my version of the story and im sticking to it:) )
some of u were really disappointed but i felt like a little break from the blogworld and took it as sign to slow down and be even more private for a while.

the road back to blogging has been rocky.. i realized that i had to come to terms with the fact that i was gonna have to do it "manually" this time, meaning that i now had to carry a camera around with me (or force E to take pics of me all the friggin time:) , i had to learn how to use my fancy macbook and that i had to find a blogg thats so easy to use even i can do it;) is therefore my new home (for now) .. i know the site is norwegian but please bare with me.. i will write in english:=)
also this is kind of a test blog.. just to see if i can manage to keep it up;) ill do my best.

i have missed bloggin though.. ive missed expressing myself through something other than music..
ive missed sharing pictures of the places i get to travel to and the lovely people i get to meet because of you guys- my fans!
blogging was kind of my way of saying "thank you.. and here is what i get to do because you buy my records and purchase tickets for my shows!"
-so i guess what im trying to say is.. im back bitches!!! ;=)

ill leave u with some pictures from last summer.. and my fave festival to play @..

PINKPOP! the festival is in holland and this was taken last summer ive already played there twice and i really hope i can play there again! such a kick!

taken from the audience

me after the show.. sweaty!

backstage.. where the first time i played there my little "house" was inbetween dave matthews band(my teenage-heroes!) and jared letos band (even more handsome in person!)

backstage after the show w/my bestfriend and guitarist Elias..

my road-manager odd inge is squeezing me without my permission.. he does that A LOT!

from the left: our backline tech Henrik, me, Elias and my other guitarist Kjetil joking around backstage:)

ok, thats all for now.. please leave a comment if u feel like it .. ask questions even and i promise more pics and info to come so stay tuned.. xoxo gossipgirl... (ehm..... thats something else..) M.

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Jun 22, 2010 kl.11:58 PM

Kos at du er tilbake med blogg :) Jeg liker'e!


Jun 23, 2010 kl.12:00 AM

I had seen you at pinkpop and it was an amazing peformance! Hope you stand there again next year. I like the idea of this blog so your fans and other people can see what's behind the fantastic singer! I follow you (: xo loes


Jun 23, 2010 kl.12:03 AM

Yaaay! A new blog! I'm loving it already!

But you should definitely not feel like you HAVE to update all the time, just when you feel like it :) I must say though, that I missed your blog a little bit as well. It's always nice to see what you're favourite artist is up to.:) Are you planning on going on vacation this summer? I'm leaving for Aruba in a week, lucky me! (Gonna try to watch Shutter Island before I leave haha ;) But I have to focus on the last days of school first...)

Anyway, love the Pinkpop picture's! I'm sure you'll play there one day again.

Love, Noortje


Jun 23, 2010 kl.12:07 AM

Glad to see you back Maria! It's nice to read a girls diary ;-)


Jun 23, 2010 kl.12:08 AM

aww how nice i like the fact that you're back to blogging..i'll definetely follow you, but there's no pressure ;)

i missed your blog because you showed everything from your perspective which was intimate, yet not too intimate and it sort of brought you closer to the people (the fans, you know^^), i think. so if you're comfortable with blogging, please do blog :P

Michelle S. Wirgenes

Jun 23, 2010 kl.12:29 AM

Nice :) Missed your old blog. My husband and I have decided to try out Sommerfesten p Giske this year. Road trip. Can't wait to see your show :)

Good luck with the new blog. What a nice fresh start!


Jun 23, 2010 kl.9:26 AM

You're awesome. Thanks for "coming back". Reading your blog (again) is wonderful.



Jun 23, 2010 kl.5:36 PM

Takk for blogging again. :)

I came back from a four week trip through Fjord-Norway last Saturday. It was so nice. We saw Alesund, Bergen, Lofthus, Geiranger, Stavanger and many more... You know how beautiful your homecountry is???-)

I saw Elias on TV (NRK) on stage at "VG Lista"(?) last week. He played for nearly every act on that stage haha :)

Have a good time!

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