i did an episode of the norwegian music tv-show "lydverket" together with the wonderful Melissa Horn a couple of months ago where we performed one of her songs live.
it was a wonderful and rare experience because i dont like to do tv or any press for that matter during the time im supposed to write an album.. i like to give my audience and everyone out ther a "break".
ive always believed that because i draw most of my inspiration from my own life, I need to LIVE IT to be able to write about it.. not the spot-light-life but MY life..
I need to have real relationships & ups and downs,but the duett with melissa was an honor and i couldnt say no.

we also did an interview together and during the interview the host of the show asked me what i was gonna do this summer, i had told the shows researcher(they call you before the interview to ask you what you are up to so that they can plan funny or interesting things for you to say)that i had to play at 7 weddings (all of them are friendsweddings) this summer and she thought that would be a funny thing for me to share on the show.

a couple of months later i met this girl out on the town, she came up to me and asked me if i was ok... she seemed concerned so i said i was fine, which i am.. but she didnt seem convinced so i asked her why she was worried..
she then said "well, i watched the show you did w/melissa horn and felt so sorry for you since you are only able to play at weddings now." OH HOW THE MIGHTY HAVE FALLEN! lolz

So my dear readers , in case you too are concerned that i cant book a gig these days let me tell you exactly what i am doing and why...

i asked for time off from everything to write new material..
i have a couple of gigs this summer in norway, london and Switzerland, but thats it.
i mostly write at home by myself but once in a while i record the songs ive written in my producer Martins studio.
were also promoting an album thats kind of a mix between "apparently unaffected" & "cause and effect" in england.-
i have very low expectations about a "big-break" in the U.K but i welcome any new listeners.
A new album will most likely be released in a year or so from now.. please understand that i have to use the time i need.. its hard-work writing and recording music especially if u write everything yourself and i dont want to release anything im not proud of;)

other than that i still live in oslo with E and we love it here!

so hope that cleared everything up for you;) love, m.

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Cynthia Janes

Jun 23, 2010 kl.9:29 AM

hei! :D don't worry, I totally understand that you need time to live your life and write about it :) because I am a singer-songwriter myself ;) take your time! I know it'll be worth the wait!

love u!

xx Cynthia


Jun 23, 2010 kl.5:58 PM

LOL do you make your friends pay for you to sing at their weddings? Are you sure you make enough mney to do your groceries? Can you still pay your house? ;) ;) This is how rumours start my dear Maria... haha

Anyway, you better take all the time you need. Im sure in the end it will all be worth the wait. We'll be patient. Good to see you blogging again though, and we have twitterrrrr!

BTW - how nice of you to support the Dutch soccer team by wearing orange nail polish!

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