RADIO: 2 guys a girl and a baby (?)

i did an interview and a song at Nrk p3 together with the funny duo Erlend & Steinjo today.
they called me yesterday an asked if i wanted to b a guest on their show and i jumped at the chance to do something with them.
their thing is music.. theyre actually really talented musicians but they prefer making silly songs..
the concept of the show is that the listeners send in ideas for lyrics and genre of music and then they create that song within the time that the show is on.. at the end of the show they perform it with a guest artist.. that being me this thursday afternoon.
our song was called "im a man and youre the woman" and it was a ballad.. they told me theyd send it to me so hopefully i can post a link to it on my blog later on.

then.. after the show was over and i was on my way out this guy stopped me in the reception area, handed me his baby and took a picture of us.. naturally i wanted him to take a pic with my camera as well ..
so here we are! fun day already and its only noon...

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Helene & Christine - Forlovet

Jun 24, 2010 kl.12:37 PM

er fast leser av bloggen din :) er innom hver dag!

kommenterte tilbake? hadde blitt utrolig glad

ha en fin dag videre!


Jun 24, 2010 kl.12:39 PM

Helene & Christine: takk;) kult at dere likern! god sommer til dere begge!!

Cynthia Janes

Jun 24, 2010 kl.12:39 PM

aawww that photo of u and the baby is so cute! :D looks good on you ;)...


Jun 24, 2010 kl.1:22 PM

Yeah steal that one for me, no one will notice it's not mine: blond hair, blue eyes cute face, she looks just like me LOL :p


Jun 24, 2010 kl.2:01 PM

A NEW BLOG! NICE! (: Hope to see you very soon in germany again! (:


Jun 24, 2010 kl.3:51 PM

Hey, its great that your blogging again *happy* :-).

Those guys look some kind of really crazy. A bit like all those 2-men-bands which you can find in Austria at the bars on the ski slopes at those aprs-ski-parties :-).

And the baby-picture... I must admit - even if babies are not really my thing at all - its a very cute picture :-).


Jun 25, 2010 kl.2:32 AM

Maria, jeg bruker en online oversetter for dette. Din musikk er fantastisk og du vil alltid vre en av mine favoritt artister! Her hper vi se deg over her i USA nok en gang! -Erica XO Sorry if it makes no sense! :)


Jun 25, 2010 kl.6:02 AM

Maria I love your music. You're really special.

Your Argentinian fan Fernando. You should do a gig here!!!

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