THIS IS A REAL PICTURE!!! (sommerfesten the countdown has begun)

thought id post a picture from my fave festival since its only about two weeks left until the best summerfestival in the world takes place.

eivind took this picture @ giske during sommerfesten in 2008... can u blame me for going back every year???
the countdown has begun.. please join us this year if youre in the area!! u wont regret it!!!!
visit ; for more info!!

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Cynthia Janes

Jul 21, 2010 kl.3:24 PM

haha me and Heleen are in Oslo on vacation then, but yeah Oslo is not really in the area :P too bad, 'cuz it would've been amazing to see you there!


Jul 21, 2010 kl.3:33 PM

Nice! ;)


Jul 21, 2010 kl.5:52 PM

Hey Maria,

greez from South Tirol (Naturns) :)

See you on Sunday!!... Happy...!!




Jul 22, 2010 kl.11:49 AM

Shit, som jeg gleder meg! Er s sykt mye bra i r! :D


Jul 23, 2010 kl.9:51 PM

Hey Maria

As you will be in Zurich this sunday I wish you a wonderful time in Switzerland! Unfortunately I can not be there althoug I live in Zurich =( But my family and I booked our holiday long before I knew that you will perform. So hopefully I will be able to see you live another time.

Have a nice stay in Zri =)

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