tip; best sushi in oslo! (my favorite)

i cant help myself or keep it a secret anymore.. its just too damn delish!!! if youre ever in oslo visit jonoe sushi and prepare to b blown away!
go for the first set menu (bonzo #1) and a cold glas of wine (great wine list) and enjoy!!
their adress; thorvald meyers gt 14 ..
.... seriously.. i wanna marry their sashimi w/ponzo sauce

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Heleen Bos

Jul 25, 2010 kl.12:55 AM

It's just that I don't like sushi but if you happen to know a good Italian... Please send me an adres :D

Cynthia Janes

Jul 25, 2010 kl.10:20 AM

haha I read Heleen's comment, she's an Italian freak, and I'm going on vacation with her tomorrow to Oslo, so yeah Maria give us an address of a great Italian restaurant :D Heleen's the freak, but I love Italian too so yaaayy :D xx

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