(VIDEO) on stage in zurich

video:video on stage in zurich

i filmed the stage in zurich... just to give you an idea and to introduce you to some of my band members.. tell me if u like it.. i might make more:) m

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Jul 27, 2010 kl.9:53 AM

Hi Maria,

Very cool! I can't wait for your new album. And a visit to the Netherlands whohoeoe... So keep up the good and hard work and enjoy the summer.

Big hug!


Jul 27, 2010 kl.12:17 PM

And now on blog... Hey Maria!!

First of all, thank you so much for this unforgettable evening in Zurich. i think, i don´t find the right words... it was one of your most awesome concerts. Your gig was so relaxed and your voice...excellent!!! Think, you had also much fun, isn´t it so? For my part, the whole time i was in trance ;)) and also the Swiss audience was great.It was like a privat atmosphere at the "Dolder Eisbahn" - immediately one feels fine in Switzerland :)

Thank you for taking time after the concert, you are so cute! My stepmom Chris calls you "Schnuggel" ;). That´s the german nickname for a very nice and pleasant person!! She also loves you!!

Again...-thank you so much - YOU ARE GREAT!!!




Jul 27, 2010 kl.1:44 PM


The video is pretty cool :)

It's always interesting to see what's going on behind the scenes and to get an impression of the work and the people involved in setting everything up, although I was worried all the time that you would fall over something. :)

Thank you for taking your time to share this with us!


Jul 27, 2010 kl.2:39 PM

i like :P


Jul 27, 2010 kl.2:41 PM

Cool idea :-). That video gets us fans a little other view to the things going on at the stage :-). Of course I wouldn´t mind to see more of such videos :-).


Jul 27, 2010 kl.3:12 PM

Ah so nice to see a video of you! that must have been a great stage to perform! really makes me want to see you perform again, it feels like it's been so long.. !


Jul 27, 2010 kl.8:03 PM

Jeg mye liker det!!! Would definitely love to see more!

Love your bloggs as well...just keep on goin :)


Jul 28, 2010 kl.9:46 AM

I like your video! And I really like your blog where you show us pictures and videos from your life.

I can't wait to get your new album and to go an a show from you.

I wish you a nice summer in Oslo.

Greets, Isabel from Germany

Mathilde Nicoline

Jul 29, 2010 kl.9:28 AM

Shit, så mange folk som ser å deg. Er det ikke skummelt? :p

Jeg likte're.


Aug 1, 2010 kl.4:06 PM

Thank you for the video. It's a great idea to show also vids in your blog :)


Aug 4, 2010 kl.1:21 AM

ahhh i love videos! :3 you're super cute miss mena! i'm going to folkehogskole next year i norge and i hope to see some of your concerts finally, i'm your biggest appreciator :3 <3 lots of love

Emma fra Minnesota <3


Aug 4, 2010 kl.10:36 PM

Emma: really hope to see u next year;) m

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