what to get the girl who deserves everything?!...

this is me and my best best best friend katinka ...ha ha ha ha ! she is really angry at me in this pic .. ;) she had a good reason too:)

anyway, its her 27th birthday tomorrow and i have nooooo idea what to get her.. please help me????
i dont really like getting people things.. i like getting them "experiences" and such..
any suggestions?
u would b helping me a lot!
love, m.

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Cynthia Janes

Aug 23, 2010 kl.9:22 AM

when u said u like getting them experiences, i immediately thought of bungee jumping and such. haha so if she's a dare devil, then that'd be an awesome gift? :P


Aug 23, 2010 kl.9:27 AM

what about this: http://www.moonshop.com/


Aug 23, 2010 kl.9:36 AM

ja, gi henne noe dere kan gjre sammen! spa, reise, konsert, et eller annet som er spesielt for dere.. vet ikke hva dere pleier gjre til vanlig... og lag et fint kort med masse bilder! eventuelt kan du jo lage en fotobok ogs! i tillegg til opplevelsen sklart. alltid gy med opplevelsesgaver, det pleier jeg og venninnene mine gi hverandre ogs :)

Anne Fi

Aug 23, 2010 kl.11:00 AM

Maria, kan du sende meg et hei p annefi@troye.no

Hilsen Anne Fi :)


Aug 23, 2010 kl.5:40 PM

hmmm what about taking her out for dinner and giving her some nice, personal experience-related piece of jewellery?

or you could give her a voucher to spend one day with you doing something exciting...like..hmm i dunno what you can do in oslo..something like rafting maybe?


Aug 23, 2010 kl.7:38 PM

What do you think about singing a duet with Katinka?

Both of you sing at a concert of you...! Would be unforgettable for her.. ;)

Its just an idea! :)

Love, A


Aug 23, 2010 kl.7:40 PM

oh, im following your blog for a while, but i never said a word before ... but i like the topic of today. so here are some examples i (or my friends) already did for someone else ..

1. ... you could organize a paper chase, with all your favorite places in oslo (where you can have a good drink, visiting a typical monument where you have never been too ... and you also could hide some little selfmade presents like earrings at every place...) and at the aim of the chase there will be a surprise party or a bigger present like idea number 2 ....

2. ... buy to tickets to a city you both always wanted to go ... like prag, barcelona, istanbul .. just tell her she needs her most comfortable and her dancing shoes and than take one weekend off and explore the city together.

3. ...if she just moved to a new place or want some change ... buy new colours, little furniture and stuff for decorating and just change one room in her flat ... like the kitchen or the bathroom

3. ... adventurous things are also always cool like a rafting tour or an excursion to a "climbing-park" or something.

good luck : )!



Aug 24, 2010 kl.12:20 PM

Hello!! I am exactly the same, I prefer recieving 'experiences' and therefore always think people like to receive them too... but some people like tangible presents.

A website I always go to is etsy#dot#com. It is sooo good! Original, handmade crafts that range from jewewllery, art, house goods, furniture, etc. I think it is really personal and they can have one off items which makes it even more special. Tell me what you think x

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