(these pictures are borrowed from

(this pic is borrowed from acne)
went to the acne store opening party the other night with a group of new friends .. had a lot of fun and i <3 ACNE!

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Sep 11, 2010 kl.10:29 PM

Fin blogg! :D<3

Komentar tilbake?? :D

annika rokett

Sep 12, 2010 kl.1:39 AM

...and i had a lot of fun watching these fotos!

Cynthia Janes

Sep 12, 2010 kl.8:15 AM

LOL I read acne and I thought your blog was about pimples hahah because that is what acne meant (in Dutch at least)... anyway: good to know it is NOT about that, but about some store haha!



Sep 15, 2010 kl.9:17 PM

I really wanna date the guy with that scarf.

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