pictures from today´s studio session


since my new iphone<3 is so easy to combine w/my mac i took some pics during today´s studio session and thought i´d share them with u.. i dunno if they´re very interesting but here u are:

martin hard at work

wrote 2 new songs ..! yay for me!!

then this guy showed up...

big knob *lol*

martin <3

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annika rokett

Sep 16, 2010 kl.5:43 PM

dear maria,

i can hear the atmosphere of this wonderful familiar studio in your songs...and now i have a picture of it in my head, with you singing there. thank you! and i'm looking forward to your new album so much!!

a very happy annika :D

Cynthia Janes

Sep 16, 2010 kl.9:51 PM

hei Maria!

I get more and more curious! especially now I see that photo the with headphones in it and I could actually read a part of one of your new songs?

awesomeness :D



Sep 17, 2010 kl.12:51 AM

Nice pictures :-)! I love those litte studios where you feel like a family with the producers (I did some records with a few small bands earlier in my life - and I´ve ever prefered those little studios with their intimate touch :-)). But especially I like the picture with the headphones lying on the very interessting piece of paper... ;-)

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