tired and inspired

my trip to paris was amazing.. while being there i realized that id never been on a trip with a group of friends before.. i was a late bloomer when it came to making true and strong friendships:=) so naturally when put in an unfamiliar situation, u learn new things about yourself. i didnt think i would be but i was so inspired to write while being there, i had to separate myself from the rest of the group several times in order to write.. thankfully they didnt mind at all;)

i would sit for hours at french cafes and just read, write and watch people.. bliss!!

when i got back i recieved a demo from martin that wed recorded before i left for Paris.. (working title; "takes one to know one") and it was so cool!! martin had done such cool things with it that i once again felt inspired to write;)

so thats whats up..

hope u r good. have a great one! m

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Heleen Bos

Oct 6, 2010 kl.10:22 AM

That's like really cool (just watched the miley cyrus parody) but it is really cool and yay more songs written!! Well for you next next album go on a trip around the world all by yourself then when you come back you'll have all you songs written whoppaah :D Good advice right!!

I'm kinda proud of you!

klem Heleen

Cynthia Janes

Oct 6, 2010 kl.10:26 AM

hei Maria!

That's awesome to hear!

Paris is a wonderful city, I was there in April with school :)

And your friends are really sweet that they don't mind you seperating yourself from the rest to write! That means they understand you :)

xx Cynthia!

Wessel Stiphout

Oct 6, 2010 kl.10:50 AM

Our excitement keeps growing every blog. I really cant wait to buy a new Maria Mena Masterpiece! It's in the 'M' I guess.

You're the Messenger from the singing angels.



Oct 6, 2010 kl.3:31 PM

veldig bra hre at du har kost deg!! :)

gleder meg noe helt vanvittig til hre de nye ltene dine!! du inspirerer meg! virkelig.. ha en strlende dag videre..<3


Oct 6, 2010 kl.5:37 PM

Hei Maria :)

S bra!

Gleder meg virkelig til hre de nye sangene dine!


Oct 6, 2010 kl.6:17 PM

I am glad you had a great time. Also, I love how you let us (your fans) into your world a little bit.


Oct 6, 2010 kl.8:16 PM

Hei Maria,

to make true and strong friendships is not easy...i think that has nothing to do with "a late bloomer" ;) REAL friendships are precious!

Great that you were inspired in Paris, there you see that a change of scene enable many things - say a free brain ;)

and you had a great time, what do you want more...

Take care, Maria!

Love ♥


annika rokett

Oct 6, 2010 kl.8:53 PM

hei maria,

strong friendship is really hard to find! your friends don't mind you separating yourself to write and watch, so they really understand you and your work! i love to spend time watching people, too!

love, annika

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