a little bit of everything.. and a whole lot of letting go;)

im cleaning out my closet and selling stuff thats either too small, too big, too ugly or too colorful to a bunch of my friends on saturday.. it feels so good to get rid of stuff thats just been taking up space for years now.. and that only fit me when i wasnt healthy.. be gone!!! heres some of the stuff im selling;

so.. its happening here on saturday.. whatevers left ill give away to charity;) yay!!! i encourage you all to do the same ! feels so good! m

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Heleen Bos

Oct 11, 2010 kl.5:30 PM

I never sell my stuff, all goes to charity! Then again I don't have expensive stuff and I don't have stuff that doesn't fit me anymore....


Oct 11, 2010 kl.6:10 PM

! Klr! Skulle gjerne hatt nye klr, men jeg har vel nok. :)

annika rokett

Oct 11, 2010 kl.8:45 PM

hei, thats an great idea! i'm sorry that i'm not in oslo, i would like to be part of it!

and its really, really great that you feel healthy! and that makes me feel good!

kisses, annika

Annabel Quiroga-Rivera

Oct 12, 2010 kl.1:11 PM


A lot of places do that in London - it's called a Swap Shop. You get all your girlfriends together and everybody brings at least 3 nice items and it all gets swapped! Anything left over gets donated to charity. A few shops are hosting these events as well, it's a lot of fun!

I have an idea - you have AMAZING clothes and I always admire your style. Would you consider saving one piece and holding a competition of some sort for your fans here to win something? I know clothes are tough because of sizes but accessories is always safer..... just an idea! x


Oct 14, 2010 kl.11:46 AM

Kan man vre et del av dette - selger du p et offentlig sted? Ser meeeget fristende ut!

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