Bernt jakob won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

eivinds colleague and our good friend bernt jakob oksnes won an amazing award for his work as a journalist this afternoon and we were there to cheer for him.. im sooooo proud!

he won for his unbelievably touching story "the invisible man" that was featured in dagbladets "magasinet" earlier this year.. congratulations bernt! we love you!!

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Cynthia Janes

Oct 28, 2010 kl.6:59 PM

gratulerer bernt :)

Oct 28, 2010 kl.7:44 PM

Gratulerer ;) vel fortjent!


Oct 30, 2010 kl.10:23 PM

Idolet mitt! Artikkelen i dagens Magasinet resulterte i krampegrt. Grusomt og nydelig p en gang.

annika rokett

Nov 2, 2010 kl.12:06 AM

hei maria, congratulationsto bernt!

by the way, a few days ago i read an article from your future-husband eivind in the german magazine "neon" its the story about two brothers, twins, and both are ill by cancer...

i hope, both brothers are okay.

it's so hard to loose a (twin)brother, and i hope he is able to fight against the twinsister julia died in an terrible car accident about ten years ago, but it still hurts me every single day.

thank you for this article, eivind.

i hope, you read this...



Nov 4, 2010 kl.8:23 AM

annika rokett: so sorry for your loss sweetie, e says hi! lots of love, m.

annika rokett

Nov 5, 2010 kl.8:53 AM

thank u so much! i love your song "calm under the waves", i listen in remembrance of her very often...

love, annika

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