people keep sending me pictures like this ...

twitter has opened up a whole new (photographic) world for me.. people keep sending baby-pics of me... i guess all i have to say is, thank u! and keep it up... i´ll blog them;) fun.

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Nov 1, 2010 kl.5:45 PM

Aww, så søtt bilde :D du var søt også når du var liten :)

Heleen Bos

Nov 1, 2010 kl.5:58 PM

That picture is cute, you're a little niggah!! No wonder you wanna do the rap-life, no wonder you got flow! ;)

Cynthia Janes

Nov 1, 2010 kl.7:32 PM

hei Maria!

aaww you were such a sweet little kid :) (and you still are)

can't wait to see more sweet little Maria's!

xx klem


Nov 3, 2010 kl.6:58 AM

hello maria!!!!

I just wanted to congratulate you and your music is great and also wanted to tell you that you have many fans here in Latin America, by the way I read that your father is Latino is true? and if so, you know some Spanish? and the picture you look very cute =)

greetings from mexico

xoxo monica

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