killing my darlings

i had to take a quick break from recording an writing a new song yesterday because i had to do an interview with vg (norwegian newspaper) -it was nice but weird..weird because i´m not used to promoting while i´m in the safe comfort of recording and writing albums.. so having to answer questions about  my new music before i´ve even thought about what the new songs sound like or which direction i wanna go on this record was odd.. i answered to the best of my ability..  ;)

when i got home after work yesterday i received the new song we wrote via email .. it sounds so different and refreshing and it got me thinking..                                                                                                                                                     when we recorded "cause and effect" i was looking back at my life..

every song i wrote i had already "lived through" , so i knew exactly what songs that needed to be on the album, and i wrote only that exact amount of songs.. no more, no less.                                                                                                         on this album i can´t stop writing.. i write every day and i´ve fallen in love with songwriting all over again.                       i write my way through life and i have no idea when i´ll stop, and say "ok, i think we have an album now."

this is all resulting in a huge amount of songs, that are dear to my heart that might not make the album once we have to edit.. that process is called "killing your darlings" and i tend to need help doing that.                                                        it´s really hard trying to listen to my own songs while i try to imagine what it sounds like to you guys.. i actually sometimes wish i could release a "test album" that my  fans could listen to so that they could provide me with feedback on what they like and dislike.. ;) wishful thinking, i know.

anyway.. it´s all a part of my job and i love what i do so i´ll take this challenge with a smile;)

i hope u all like the result;)


love, m.





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Cynthia Janes

Nov 11, 2010 kl.9:07 PM

dear Maria,

I wish I was allowed with you in the studio to listen to your songs and help you pick out the songs for your album :) but yeah, who am I haha.

Of course I am not as experiences as you are, but I've been in the studio several times to record my own songs and I write my songs myself too, just like you :) so I know how it feels to kill your darlings...

I wish you all the best and good luck with killing your darlings... but keep in mind: you can always save the tracks for a later album or bonus tracks or something :)

love u!

xx Cynthia <3


Nov 11, 2010 kl.9:12 PM

Gleder meg til intervjuet i vg :)

Lykke til med jobbing til den nye plata, vet den kommer til å bli bra!!


Nov 11, 2010 kl.10:31 PM

Just take a flight to Holland, grab your iPod, invite some people and give a pre-listen session... we can help you! ;-) But, to be honest, the progress as you describe it sounds interesting and it must be a though thing to do to 'exit' your own songs. But well, take your time and we'll see what the final thing will be :)

Nov 11, 2010 kl.11:37 PM

killing darlings is the worst. i feel for you.


Nov 12, 2010 kl.6:29 AM

Send it over here, I'd love to listen to them all!

I'm sorry you have to kill your darlings. My professor, in journalism, calls it killing your babies, when you have good stuff but you can't include it in your piece. He's a little morbid haha.

Fight for as many as you can get on the album! I love EVERY single one of your songs, so I can sympathize but I also trust your judgment.

Thanks for being amazing !


annika rokett

Nov 12, 2010 kl.8:33 AM

hei maria,

no no no! just take a flight to germany and give a pre-listen-session right here! ;-)

stefan, your so right! take your time and in the end it will be fine. what's about a double-album?

love, annika


Nov 12, 2010 kl.8:57 AM

ser frem til skiva slippes.. årsak virkning.. digger personligheten du gjenspeiler i låtene dine.. peaceEnlove.!!


Nov 12, 2010 kl.11:05 AM

føler INGEN kan kuttes.

Casper the friendly ghostwriter

Nov 12, 2010 kl.11:08 AM

The best songs are the ones that you write, which are solely based on your own experiences and your own life. I find that I write my best songs when I write personal ones, and even though it´s embarrassing being a male, and in particular a rapper, talking about real emotion and real feelings, it ensures that more people relate to it, than when I try to write something that isn´t inspired by myself.
I think you´re a great artist, although I don´t listen much to your genre, but your focus on writing good songs, rather than catering to the crowd, is something very few artists have anymore, and for that I really respect you.

Annabel Quiroga-Rivera

Nov 12, 2010 kl.11:29 AM

eek - tough decisions! It does sound tough. As much as I would like to help out the decision has to be made by you. As Annika mentioned a double-album would be a great idea but quite a few artists have been doing that in the last few years and they haven't been very successful. I'm not saying your songs aren't good but then the critics are really tough and wrote reviews saying things like: Surely she could have reduced this to one album because not all the songs are that good. Horrible!

What about when releasing songs you have a B-side to them, so all your songs are coupled up with something else - it could be like the end of the story or the back story to the main song or a completely different perspective!

These are all suggestions - you will always make the right decision, this is why we are your fans because we like your music, your decisions and your direction :) x


Nov 12, 2010 kl.11:53 AM

'Killing Darlings' is a great album title!!!

I can't give you any advice i'm afraid. Just listen to your heart and the album will turn out perfect. Good luck and have fun!!


Casper the friendly ghostwriter

Nov 12, 2010 kl.12:23 PM

oh, by the way @ghostwriterCas is me!


Nov 12, 2010 kl.5:14 PM

I can not even imagine how tough that is, but as Cynthia said , you can always keep them for another album , or bonustracks. A Lot of artists these days put out a re-release with new songs. So maybe that's an idea. Or just use some songs as bsides. There are options. Speaking for myself, I would love to hear all of them. I am glad there's Home For Christmas now, cause I was in need of some new Maria music. We miss you here in Holland, please come back soon !

Thank you for your music.


Nov 12, 2010 kl.10:20 PM

Veittu hva, Mena, jeg kan ta en for laget og høre på dem for deg, jeg ;) Glad du har mye materiale, da! :)


Nov 12, 2010 kl.10:39 PM

Gleder meg masse til platen kommer ut! Du er så utrolig talentfull og tekstene du skriver er helt nydelige! Elsker musikken din, den er så ekte. Du setter ord på alle tankene mine! Tusen takk! Home for Christmas er nok en fantastisk låt!Lykke til videre :))

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