my first #1 in Norway!!

thoughts about today´s happy news;

if i had known... 6 months ago when i was asked to write a song for Bent Hamers new movie "hjem til jul" that the song i was about to write would become so special to people, that it would become a #1 song, i dunno if i would´ve been able to write it..  and that is exactly what´s so special to me about "home for christmas" .. is that i did not see this coming.. AT ALL!! , -we were not even really gonna release it as a single! ;)

i wanted to write a song inspired by how i feel when i´m "lost" .. the people i turn to and the places i feel safe.

a couple of years ago my father decided he wanted to meet his birth-father for the very first time.. my father is in his fifties and his father (who lives in Honduras) is ancient;) .. dad had never been very interested in learning about where he´s from or who "made him" before so this seemed a little strange to me.. but i quickly realized that he was beginning to feel confronted by his own humanity, he realized that he too was gonna grow old some day, that it was inevitable .. and that this was his last chance to get to know where he came from..

i got me thinking.. about how many people still remember how i was like as a child.. when i didn´t have to do, say or sing anything in order to feel loved.   i´m lucky.. although i feel like i have to achieve something all the time i can still go "home" and feel exactly as loved as i felt as a child.. i don´t have to do anything to earn that love ..   it´s just the way it is, and how it always has been..

so this is what inspired me to write " home for christmas" .. now that song belongs to you all!!

thank you so much for listening.. you mean the world to me:)

love, m.

BTW, i have not rally promoted the song yet.. just one interview in vg.. ;) fun!

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Cynthia Janes

Nov 24, 2010 kl.2:46 PM

hei Maria! I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU :) !!! and the song is TRULY SOOO BEAUTIFUL! please, don't ever stop making music and don't ever stop being such an inspiring person, becaue you truly are inspiring to me ;) so thank you for your music and for who you are! honestly!

xx klem Cynthia


Nov 24, 2010 kl.2:56 PM

Det var veldig vakkert skrevet, Maria. Jeg elsker sangen! Synes det er kjemperart at dette er din første #1! Den skulle du fått for leeenge siden! Elsker å høre på musikken din, uansett om jeg er glad eller lei meg, sint eller fornøyd :) Du er fantastisk!


Nov 24, 2010 kl.4:40 PM

just when i thought i couldn't love you more, you write something like this. I know it's just a story coming from you, but i'm happy that your share stuff like this with us--stories about your life and what inspires you and how you feel when you write, why you write, and all that good stuff. you're truly amazing and in another life i believe we could be bffls with matching mulberry alexa bags! haha


Heleen Bos

Nov 24, 2010 kl.4:41 PM

You rock you know.... you do!! I'm proud of you! Home for Christmas is a beautiful song! And you totally deserve to be number one!

Klem xx Heleen


Nov 24, 2010 kl.4:45 PM

Congratulations :-)!!!

I love this song very much :-).

annika rokett

Nov 24, 2010 kl.7:52 PM

maria, i swear to you by the bottom of my heart: i love you! for your thougts, words, songs, the way you are, for your blog, .....

you mean a lot to me!

you inspire me to carry on, even in my hardest times!

annika <3

annika rokett

Nov 24, 2010 kl.8:18 PM

about feeling lost:

the recent years i felt absolutely lost, after my twinsister died in a car accident and i was in a 8-weeks-coma. back home nothing was the same than it used to be. and i was lost in a deep black hole...they tried to fix my head in a hospital, you know, but things get worse and worse and worse....

in that hell of a hospital i was raped and i just wanted to die! no one knows that it happened, i coldn't talk about it. my little sister visited me everyday. one day, when i was absolutely down, she took her ipod, put the headphones on my ears and i listened the first time of my life to your voice. internal dialogue.

and it hit me like a hammer. i started to cry the first time after a lot of month of horror and i felt a pinch of hope.

your voice reached the darkest pit in me and saved my life.

thank you, maria!

i'm so close to tears writing this down...



Nov 24, 2010 kl.9:54 PM

annika rokett: dear annika, i´m so proud that u shared this with me.. i really feel for you.

my motto in life is "clarity in truth" and the first step to a clear mind and soul is to b truthful.. mostly to yourself.

please take care of yourself and talk to someone you trust. you shouldn´t have to go through this alone.

much love and understanding from maria;)


Nov 24, 2010 kl.11:25 PM



Nov 25, 2010 kl.4:56 PM

Fantastisk låt! Hørte på den mens jeg laget julekalender til kjæresten min istad, perfekt stemning!

annika rokett

Nov 25, 2010 kl.7:21 PM

hei maria,

i'm not alone with this, i've got a caring family, my little sister and some good friends.

and, of course, someone to talk to! in this darkest moments of my life suddenly there was the voice of a strong, intelligent and beautiful young woman from norway. and this voice took my hand and told me: come on, go one, don't leave yourself here in darkness, get up, get healthy again! and i stood up, with professional help, your voice in my head and my familiy. and here i am!

i'm fine these days!

and that means everything to me!

by the way, i think, "hjem til jul" won't start in german cinemas..:-(

where can i watch it?

my love to you, maria,

and to all the people outhere, who loves you and your music

annika <3

you've got such a power in your songs!


Nov 25, 2010 kl.9:28 PM

hey annika,

hjem til jul will be released in germany the 2nd december and it´ll be called home for christmas. i´ve seen an advertising for it in a magazine. can´t wait to see it as well. i really go for christmas movies ; ).

love, uLi


Nov 26, 2010 kl.6:21 AM

Hey Maria. Congrats on all your success and love the song! I just updated your English wiki page so everyone can know! When do you think your new album will be coming out?


Nov 26, 2010 kl.10:52 AM

Kanonbra, Maria :) Gratulerer med alt!

Home for Christmas er en nydelig sang, Maria! Kommer nok til å høre mye på den i julen :) Får ikke vært hjemme til jul i år, så det blir ganske rart.

Kommer du til å turnere i Norge neste år, eller skal du farte rundt i Tyskland osv igjen? :)

Christer Aleksander

Nov 27, 2010 kl.1:59 AM

Den sangen er noe av det beste du har laget, og jeg er blodfan. Husker jeg stod i signeringskø på Jessheim i 2005 da du slapp "Apparently Unaffected". Du spurte hvem plata var til, og da jeg sa "til meg", svarte du "til DEG? Oi, du er gutt og kjøper plata! Hva heter du?". Christer, svarte jeg. "Da skriver jeg til Christer fra Maria Mena, jeg".

Har alle platene dine i samlinga, og jeg liker musikken og tekstene dine. Du gir meg inspirasjon. Og i år gir du meg julestemning også.

Tusen takk, Maria!


Nov 27, 2010 kl.11:43 PM

Nydelig låt Maria, er så deilig å sitte i nitriste London nå og sette på den. Tar meg til helt andre steder.

Lille meg

Nov 29, 2010 kl.4:06 PM

Elsker virkelig den sangen!

Hører på den hele tiden, og det vil fortsette til laaaaangt ut i januar! <3


Dec 13, 2010 kl.6:53 PM

Gratulerer! Det er en nydelig gripende og fengende liten sang. Vel unt med 1.plass!

Ann Helen

Dec 22, 2010 kl.11:01 PM

Det fortjente du virkelig! Du er jo bare helt syk! Sangtekstene og stemmen din, WOW faktor til 1000! Jeg husker første sangen jeg hørte en av dine sanger,og siden den gang har jeg elsket alle sangene dine! Jeg håper virkelig at karriæren fortsetter i denne rettningen, det hadde egntlig bare vært på sin plass, du har et vidunderlig talent!

God Jul<3 klem fra Ann Heen

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