A full-circle-moment ;)

when i got got home last night i cried... it might have been because i was just too damn tired (jetlag) and needed a good cry but i believe it had something to do with you!

how do i explain this.. when i was little my biggest dream was to one day be able to create music for a living.. ALL i wanted was to be able to share my music with someone and i would´ve given anything to do so..

last night we decided to youtubed "home for christmas" -covers and ... it really made me realize that my BIGGEST dream had come true x1000000000000000 !!!!! people r making my song their own and it makes me so happy.. my heart isn´t able to take it all in.. it aches but in the most enjoyable way;) .. i´m just so thankful.


where to go from here?... ;)


had a great time promoting "HFC" yesterday.. here r some pics i managed to snap in-between :



... have a good one everyone!! - I am;)


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Dec 17, 2010 kl.4:22 PM

Ah, helt fantastisk å lese, Maria! Jeg er så utrolig glad på dine vegne! Du fortjener alt sammen! Du er fantastisk!


Dec 17, 2010 kl.8:16 PM

Du er virkelig vakker, maria! og den mest inspirerende personen jeg vet om:) Du har vært et forbilde så lenge jeg kan huske! Dette kunne absolutt ikke skjedd med en bedre person!! :D velfortjent.


Dec 18, 2010 kl.12:25 AM

Maria, jeg elsker deg. Tekstene dine er så utrolig nydelige, dype, vakre og melodiene i musikken din er ubeskrivelig nydelige. Du har hjulpet meg gjennom mange to år med spiseforstyrrelser, takk.<3

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