new year fresh start..

.. took this pic yesterday after i left my second birthday-party of the eve (happy b-day Ingvild & Jennifer!) .. ... i left because i have a spinning-class this morning!!!!

2011... what have you done tomaria mena?! ..

well see how long it lasts but i have to say.. drunk people are NOT fun to talk to ;) hahahaha... M

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Jan 9, 2011 kl.9:57 AM

fine bilder:D

Mina J

Jan 9, 2011 kl.9:57 AM

pena <3 :) kos deg vennen

Cynthia Janes

Jan 9, 2011 kl.10:26 AM

drunk people are fun to talk to if you are drunk yourself hahaha

Heleen Bos

Jan 16, 2011 kl.11:16 PM

What can I say about this: pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty!!

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