more tattoos?

the tattoo i got last year was of a bare tree.. its kinda lonely on my arm and im thinking i want more... i like these birds a lot! m.

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Jan 20, 2011 kl.10:36 PM

Kan du vise et bilde av den tatoveringen? :)


Jan 20, 2011 kl.10:58 PM

helene: ikke heeeelt enn.. blir litt redd for at folk skal dmme.. ;)

Heleen Bos

Jan 20, 2011 kl.11:00 PM

You don't have a tattoo on your arm!!! Seeing is believing....

Cynthia Janes

Jan 21, 2011 kl.8:28 AM

you don't have to be afraid of what people think of your tattoo! all that counts is that YOU like it because it's YOUR tattoo :) now please show us your tree :D PLEASE? :D


Jan 21, 2011 kl.5:03 PM

Den var stilig iallefall :)

annika rokett

Jan 22, 2011 kl.9:29 AM

your tattoo looks very nice, kind of very fragile. i like it!


Jan 22, 2011 kl.4:15 PM

annika rokett: its not me in this picture. M

annika rokett

Jan 26, 2011 kl.8:13 AM

ohhhh, i see! my fault....but it would suit to you as well! if you are in berlin at any time, visit tatau obscur then. they do a lot of very very beautiful tattoos, not that usual stuff. I'm sure, you'll like it.

and don't be afraid what people might think of tatoos! but it hurts....autch :P

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