recording; first band session..

a lot is happening this week.. my producer martin sjlie has set up the first of many (?!) band-sessions for my new album. that means that a lot is going to happen with my little darlings;) im really excited.. i've gotten so used to the "programmed" sound.. fake drums and guitar... and i used to not really think there was such a big difference between the fake and the real.. but there sure is!!

the songs that require a little "Ooompf!!" will really get a boost these days and it's gonna feel great.

ill let u know what happens and how far we've come once we've had the sessions ... im starting to really love this album ;)

al good, M.

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Jan 26, 2011 kl.11:02 AM

Wow, spennende!! Lykke til, hper du blir strlende fornyd! :)

Cynthia Janes

Jan 26, 2011 kl.12:46 PM

there is no way u didn't know there was such a big difference between fake and real instruments.. or have u never worked this way before? ;) anyway: enjoy your week!! can't wait!!

xx Cynthia!

annika rokett

Jan 27, 2011 kl.5:35 PM

i could imagine that your songs get more and more lively during the band sessions. enjoy your work!

klem, annika <3


Jan 27, 2011 kl.6:44 PM

Wow, I'm really looking forward to your new album. Sounds promising :)

Have a good time!

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