Too Nice?!

Too Nice?!

after writing an album like "cause and effect", I never in a million years wouldve thought id be accused of being too nice in my lyrics;) but thats exactly what my dedicated fan @musicismyparent tweeted to me today..

i certainly understand what mood he might be in :) -and i think i know what he was trying to say...

heres the thing.. i dont usually respond to questions about lyrics.. especially about what/who theyre about, or why i do or dont write certain things but i think i can respond to this one..

i used to write really angry songs.. songs that dont end with a verse that has a different perspective or a conclusion in the last verse or chorus .. songs that were just plain "dark"

-but very few of them made it on to the albums .. mostly because in my mind, "dark" usually means "unintelligent" .. you know, like when youre just angry and you scream and accuse and it just doesn't make sense to you or anyone else for that matter...

but i quickly realized that if i wait it out.. i might gain a better perspective on the matter and i might even understand where the person/people im angry at is coming from and better understand what im feeling.

this makes for a better song in my mind..

thats just the type of person i am.. i have this need to understand everyone even if i dont always agree on what they say or do..

my albums are a true diary of my journey through life.. and i try to have a mature and understanding perspective on everything i've been through

this doesn't mean theres not a "fuck you" in some (a lot! :) of my lyrics... some of you might find it harder to spot than others but trust me.. its in there - you just gotta look for it ;)

if youre really angry i can recommend songs like

-powertrip ballad

-cause and effect

-bye bye

-our battles

-hes hurting me

-whats another day

-your glasses

-sleep to dream


or artists like Alanis Morisette, Ani Difranco and Fiona Apple -who are all huge idols of mine ;)



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Feb 9, 2011 kl.3:01 PM

Well said! (or written..)

My angry favourite: Cause and Effect!

Cynthia Janes

Feb 9, 2011 kl.3:06 PM

I don't know, but I knew this already, that this is your way of writing lyrics and the perspective thing :) I read or heard you say it in an interview maybe, but anywayz: I understand exactly what you mean :) I also write my own songs and sometimes I do the same, I wait for my anger to pass so I understand that person. That's the way you get interesting lyrics with twisted meanings :)

keep doing what you do and I don't think your lyrics are too nice, I know all the 'fuck yous' in your lyrics and I LOVE the way you write! You inspire me ;)

xx Cynthia

Regina F.

Feb 9, 2011 kl.3:24 PM

Here's a thought.;)

There are these two types of personality that handle bad moments in two different ways: X screams, shouts, insults and says everything he's got in mind at the moment, Y prefers to "close" himself, wait out, avoiding saying things he doesn't really think (and those things could really hurt the other person). Which reaction is better? Hard to say but, as you said, sometimes it's better to calm down first, before throwing out venom and regret it later.


Feb 9, 2011 kl.4:05 PM

Regina F.: i try to include a little bit of both personalities in my lyrics;) M.


Feb 9, 2011 kl.4:25 PM

I love all of those songs! You are very talented, and I'm so proud to be Norwegian :)

Regina F.

Feb 9, 2011 kl.5:26 PM

And it shows, M. :)

Linn Therese

Feb 9, 2011 kl.11:44 PM

Den skriftlige engelsken min er ikke s god, s skriver p norsk.

Det finnes ingen andre som klarer skrive bde s srt, forelsket, glad og sint p en s vakker mte som du gjr. Jeg kan hvert ord i hver tekst du har utgitt og alle har hver sin betydning for meg. Det er alltid en sang jeg kan hre p som matcher mitt humr og det er herlig kunne synge ut det jeg fler p innsiden nr jeg trenger det.

Takk for den fantastiske musikken din <3


Feb 10, 2011 kl.12:08 PM

Well, I LOVE the way you write your angry songs. The lyrics arent written with angry words, but they have that angry touch in it. Combined with the mostly happy melodies, its possible to "feel" how you felt as you wrote them. Those songs are kind of intimate, in stead of all those screaming-angry songs out there in this world :-). Your songs are kind of special on their own way - and thats that what I really like about them. Keep up writing your angry songs in that way you do. They are so soulful - and in a way they make me happy if Im sad. So, there is really no need for you to change something in your way writing those songs :-).


Feb 12, 2011 kl.2:12 PM

I actually think that He's Hurting Me is one of the most angry songs i've ever heard.

The thing is that a lot of your lyrics are actually angry, but the music and the production of that are not sounding angry, if you know what I am trying to say here.

I think that's a good thing, you don't have to scream to get your message to the listener.


Feb 13, 2011 kl.5:42 AM

Your songs are emotionally perfect. You can find one for whatever emotion you need to feel. Love them all!


Feb 15, 2011 kl.3:13 PM

One of my favorite parts about Maria Mena Music is that I can listen to certain songs when I'm just so upset, angry, and then even giddy. I think even if I wasn't in any of those moods, just listening to them kind of evokes it, but not in a bad way. In a way that makes you reflect and try to understand what you kind of correlate those songs with. Maria, I've listened to your music since i was like 15 (I'm 21 now lol) and each and every song is so special to me. And I'm pretty sure that you have the best songs for when you want to tell someone fuck you. for sure. Not always in the lyrics, but also in how you sing them and how the words make you feel. Thank you for sharing this with not only me but everyone who gets something out of the words you write that they may not be able to express themselves.

You're amazing.

jovannah von shsten

Feb 21, 2011 kl.10:19 PM

hey maria!

i wanna ask you something.

for my school project i have to make somthing personal.

i decided to make an album with my own lyrics but with instrumentals from other artist.

can you check my lyrics and gife me feedback/tips?

x jovannah (holland)


Feb 23, 2011 kl.9:06 PM

jovannah von shsten: can you post them here?

jovannah von shsten

Feb 23, 2011 kl.10:30 PM

i will post them tomorow o my blogg, your're blog maybe thats easyer! xoxo jovannah


jovannah von shsten

Feb 26, 2011 kl.12:24 AM

i dont know what i've neen typing but i meant my blog!

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