it was fun meeting up with colleagues on saturday to properly celebrate ourselves.

as expected I didn´t go home with an award but I honestly feel like i´ve won the greatest award of all seeing that this is my biggest hit in Norway thus far. (and hopefully it becomes seasonal thing:)

it´s weird having to walk red-carpets when my biggest focus these days is being in the studio and out of the spotlight.

it actually feels really awkward and i tried to say no to as many interviews etc once the show was over and the

party had begun.

i don´t like seeing myself in the newspaper/ tv/ web if i don´t feel like i have anything to promote.. i don´t

care for the whole "celebrity"-part of my job.. believe it or not.


anyway.. it´s back to work now.. focus focus focus!!! have a good one! m.

(photo by Hans H.)

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jovannah von söhsten

Mar 7, 2011 kl.3:11 PM

hey! we can switch jobs x i bring newspaper (i cant work, i'm only 14 years old...)

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