My single drops late may and This is how i Will Celebrate .. With a show in Oslo... More of those co

My single drops late may and This is how i Will Celebrate .. With a show in Oslo... More of those coming!!! Have a Good one;)

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May 9, 2011 kl.11:05 AM

Kom til Trondheim, spill her =D

Cynthia Janes

May 9, 2011 kl.12:26 PM

heeeyy your header photo of this blog is PINKPOP !!!!! :) <3
God morgen! Hper du fr en superfin mandag :-)


May 9, 2011 kl.3:42 PM

Cythia Janes, .. and the carribean .....:) :) :)


May 9, 2011 kl.4:42 PM

hihi, s stt skulle opptre p en barnefestival!^^ Hper alt gr godt :)


May 9, 2011 kl.5:09 PM

Maj Britt Andersen? Jeg kommer!

Cynthia Janes

May 9, 2011 kl.7:21 PM

@Jo-Arne: yes her background image :) I was talking about the header image :D PINKPOP <3

Julia H.

May 9, 2011 kl.9:45 PM

SO EXCITING!! :) I only wish you'd come back to do a show in the U.S.! We love you here! Can't wait to hear the new single... I'm sure it will be fantastic!

jovannah von shsten

May 10, 2011 kl.12:30 PM

wish i could be there, but i have to go to school, and i dont think i can walk to oslo from holland and back....


May 10, 2011 kl.8:54 PM

Ja kom til Trondheim da'


May 11, 2011 kl.10:45 PM

Hi, where is the link to your real Facebook fan page? How can I add you on Facebook?


Sonja Mller

May 12, 2011 kl.12:00 PM

By watching the Pinkpop picture, I really hope you'll performing @ Lowlands this year.... We'll be there!! After Sommerfesten, I'm bringing Maureen (my daughter) with me for yet another musicexperience! Lowlands is so great!!!

Meanwhile we're waiting on your new songs. No doubt there will be, again, some good sing alongs and goosebumps lyrics.

Oh, and on the 17th there will be an article on Sommerfesten 2010 in a Dutch newspaper, i've been interviewed for. I suppose you'll be mentioned! When it's out, I'll try to send you a copy or the URL when the also place the article on their website.

Anyway, I wish you all the success of the world with the release of your single and later on the release of the album.

dikke knuffel, Sonja

Camilla (Danmark)

May 12, 2011 kl.12:05 PM

Will it be "No illusions"??? Do you know when the album is coming out ?

best regards, Camilla

Sara Tustra

May 15, 2011 kl.2:11 PM


Jeg er der, sverger.

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