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jovannah von shsten

May 15, 2011 kl.5:52 PM

wow, its beautifull <3


May 16, 2011 kl.11:06 AM

.. the Norwegian countryside?


May 17, 2011 kl.8:00 AM

Hi Maria,

Yes, early at this rainy morning, I drove to our trainstation to get the paper 'Spits'. The article on Sommerfesten 2010 was published today in a additional 'festivalkrant'. A lot of news about Festivals, this article was printed on the 'the farther the better' page. Well, you can say that!!!! I've provided them with a picture of the crowd while Karpe Diem was performing. (of which I have a recording of you dancing..., don't worry, I won't put it on the net ;-) though you're a great dancer) As you might know, it's not exactly like I said it, but I guess that's wat paperjournalists do.... :-(. Here you can read the article online: http://digi.spitsnet.nl/2011-05-17/download/magazine.pdf

liefs, Sonja

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