hah.. what do u tell a person that askes for a picture... no!? -well i said yes and wounded up here

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Jun 3, 2011 kl.11:17 PM

You have been on other fashion blogs too. I found two photos of you before but I cannot remember the website for the perhaps I will look for it. Regardless I love your outfit even if you didn't want your photo taken.

Cynthia Janes

Jun 3, 2011 kl.11:57 PM



Jun 4, 2011 kl.10:18 AM

It's like a fashion blog - of course you let the person take a picture of you :-P Was it really so spontaneous? Mh!


Jun 4, 2011 kl.7:57 PM

Du s ut som du gjorde ikke nsker ta bildet lol


Jun 4, 2011 kl.9:15 PM

What a cool photo! But it has one mistake... i havent made it!! ;)) A


Jun 6, 2011 kl.3:21 PM

Tom, how dare you creating doubts here? :):):)


Jun 8, 2011 kl.3:55 PM

Very stylish :)


Jun 18, 2011 kl.3:34 PM

Oh how I wish to have you in front of my camera! I guess the day that will be reality, I will be the luckiest person in the whole universe. Just wanted to tell you, that in my opinion you're one of the most beautiful women in the world, honestly. And this picture is simply awesome! Was it shot in Oslo? xx

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