gettin' love;)

gettin' love;)

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Jul 1, 2011 kl.7:09 PM

Det var sykt bra! :) Konserten hans p Hove var og bra!

Kathrine Lindsay

Jul 1, 2011 kl.11:25 PM

Love er bra !


Jul 2, 2011 kl.12:49 PM

you deserve all the love cuz youre the most talented singer in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD <3

Maria we love you <3


Jul 2, 2011 kl.3:34 PM

as the rolling stones used to say: "You can t always get what you want ....But if you try some time you just might find, you get what you need, Mr. Tempah!"

Arturo Scaccatini

Jul 3, 2011 kl.12:32 PM

Why would I not like to be the boyfriend of a celebrity? Excactly for this reason .....

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