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day-off! ... mmmm...

day-off! have a great weekend my friends! m


Yesterday!!! had a great time in the sun... stay logged on today as ill post pics of the band rehearsals later on ;) m

My Healthy weekend is already Well on It's way ..

My Healthy weekend is already Well on It's way to become a very successful one.. Never mind The pizza i ordered last night;) I managed to drag My ass out of bed and placed it on a bike This morning...



The ugly naked truth ;) haha... !!-so i might have had a real good time yesterday , an i might have

The ugly naked truth ;) haha... !!-so i might have had a real good time yesterday , and i might have a slight headache right now But i plan on attending spinning-class later and i plan on making Th...

On My way out.. Stuff to do, people to see... Have a good day everyone! M

On My way out.. Stuff to do, people to see... Have a good day everyone! M

After a productive day in The studio, me and baby-boxer here Are planning on spending a relaxing e

After a productive day in The studio, me and baby-boxer here Are planning on spending a relaxing eve on The couch together.. Was supposed to see Taylor Swift live this eve But i haven't Been alone ...


Liiiine!!!! My sistah ;) i love you ! Check out her blog ;

spellemann and spring

(simone ;) spellemann is tonight.. my song "home for christmas" is nominated.. dont think ill win but looking forward to the party. gonna enjoy the sun now! have a great saturday!!! love, M.

the world goes on without you..

unsuccessfully trying to hold on to moments .. afraid of the change that is bound to happen. As i know what im getting into I still have no idea of when it will end. im human. i too get scared....


i wanna drink, i wanna laugh, i wanna dance, i wanna kiss. ... ill probably just stay in;) have a good one!

Can you see The swelling?

Can you see The swelling? It doesn't hurt yet But i have a hard time speaking... Which is not so cool if i have to sing Any time soon... I'm Gonna visit martin in his new (!) studio tomorrow and ho...

valentinesday, schmalentinesday

dinner and a movie right? eeehhhh ... let this day be a reminder to try to be a little bit romantic EVERY day <3 ... happy valentines day to you! love, M.

Happy mothers-day Elin !

we love you!


found this picture when i was going through old pictures and i started laughing. it was taken by my good friend Marte who joined me on a spontaneous weekend get-away to Copenhagen .. i have no idea...

Perfect cold But sunny weather .. Coffee time!

Perfect cold But sunny weather .. Coffee time!

studio now.. fun in the snow later!!!

if u cant beat them.. join them right?! -thats exactly what my friend Monica and i are planning to do later this eve;) were sick and tired of this weather BUT when its snowing like it has been ...


Today.. Gonna try to Get some work Done at home Even though all i really want to do is crawl up and die .. -Not litterally;) Anyway.. Ya'll have a good one!!

is 25 worth celebrating?

i love celebrating my birthday.. but this time around it came too early.. since we decided to throw a huuuuge engagement-party back in january, my big 25th has just taken a backseat.. -but i real...

Sunday B-fast

Sunday B-fast.. pretty colors !


blue day.. what can i say.. no reason to be down so im on a mission to pick myself up. gonna write a song.. always helps! m. ;)

hello spring?!... please!!!!!!???

i miss the bare asphalt ...

sick but well taken care of..

every time i feel under the weather i get a care-package full of my favorite things.. makes me feel special and loved.. this is what was in the package today.. minus one thing .. i already ate the...

more tattoos?

the tattoo i got last year was of a bare tree.. its kinda lonely on my arm and im thinking i want more... i like these birds a lot! m.


sun is out.. need a break from judging my own demos .. fresh air might be just what the doctor ordered ;) have a good one!! M

.. bliss!

we celebrated our engagement last night together with all of our good friends;) the best part was that Lucy Swann, Melissa Horn, and Lars Lillo-Stenberg sang for us... Im flying... Best night ev...


omg.. look at it.. just LOOK AT IT?!!! -gonna wear all black and this necklace for the rest of my life.. M

new year fresh start..

.. took this pic yesterday after i left my second birthday-party of the eve (happy b-day Ingvild & Jennifer!) .. ... i left because i have a spinning-class this morning!!!! 2011... what have you d...


.. should i or shouldnt i? choices choices ;)

stressing myself out just for the sake of it..

im doing something major in the middle of January (-not work related)... and although it seems like its gonna be worth all the stress , im having a hard time seeing the light at the end of the t...

just checking in...

how was your christmas?! mine was very calm, didnt even quite get in the "mood" but i actually think thats just what i needed.. i feel ready to get back to work, workouts and "real" life:=) ...

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! 2010-2011

heres to new music, good relationships, healthy bodies, honesty and love all around!! party on my friends!! ill see you all in 2011..!! (pic taken in LA)



fashion-mena ?!

... pretending that its a fashionblog.. ;) dont worry.. its faux. m

watching myself on tv with friends;)

... good times;)

"highlights" this week..

Annsofi performed "lullaby" on xfactor and i got to wish her goodluck on twitter (not sms) and she mentioned it on tv..she did a really great job!! i ate sushi in bed.. LOOOOVE! and i tweeted in ...

i was born this way?

NOT! -FAKE FAKE FAKE= FUN FUN FUN... gotta pamper myself sometimes right? VOILA !!!.. this was a weird blog-post .. i know... but it was my first time and im excited about it;)

morsom overskrift p

Mrkhudet ranet solstudio med balltre ...

sunday. walking down memory lane

my best friend Katinka and i decided to pay our junior-high school a little visit today... it resulted in a lot of rememberig the golden years ;) we were both such losers back then;) (bjlsen skol...


had a a mexican theme party yesterday and last minute we decided to play dress-up .. geeky i know. .

happy birthday Anthony Mena


happy halloweeeeeen!

we didnt celebrate but the rest of the world did and we were entertained by the neighborhood kids;) i drank tea from my halloween-mug.. celebration enough;)

people keep sending me pictures like this ...

twitter has opened up a whole new (photographic) world for me.. people keep sending baby-pics of me... i guess all i have to say is, thank u! and keep it up... ill blog them;) fun.

R.I.P wallet

i wanna dedicate this blogpost to my late but oh so wonderful "miu miu" wallet, may she hopefully bring joy and fierceness to the thiefs life.... btw... who steals wallets anymore?? i mean really....

someone just sent me this picture;)

... dont know the person or remember this moment but whatever im eating.. it looks good;)

lost photo from our trip to paris i said.. i had soooo much fun in paris. ;)

sex and the (oslo) city.. Samantha.. really ? &%$#"!!!

i was out with my girls the other night and we thought it would be fun to take a picture together (kinda like they did in satc ..) and of course we wanted to see which one fit each character.. how ...

homemade flea-marked;)

heges room; my room; monica`s aka; "vintagequeen" room; yesterday my girlfriends and i decided to have a flea marked at home;) it was a lot of fun and we sold a bunch of things we had no ...


im healthier during winter.. summer goes by so fast here in norway and the last thing i wanna do when the sun is shining is go inside a stuffy gym and sweat.. and im not that fond of running outs...

a little bit of everything.. and a whole lot of letting go;)

im cleaning out my closet and selling stuff thats either too small, too big, too ugly or too colorful to a bunch of my friends on saturday.. it feels so good to get rid of stuff thats just been t...

oh wow look at you now, flowers in the window;) -travis.

oh autmn... i absolutely <3 u!!

sunday bliss!

spent the day with family.. im all loved up and ready for a new week of writing;) -wearing my fuzzy peach-colored scarf .. wanna pet it?! :)

christel alsos live @ parkteateret

saw christel live last night, was magical! dont usually go to those kind of "quiet" "jazzy" concerts but it was just what the doctor ordered, quiet before the storm on a saturday night in oslo;) m

i did it!!!

i can do anything!! se the thing in the background ?? its a heater.. big ollump.. its gone now because I installed a new one on the wall all by my lonesome!! im awesome!

.. paris.

metro...... <3best street! friends<3

i went on a date today and i was kinda slutty ;)

this is silas.. my new boyfriend<3


(these pictures are borrowed from (this pic is borrowed from acne) went to the acne store opening party the other night with a group of new friends .. ha...

OOOPS I DID IT AGAIN!!! (welcome home leo-alexa:)

... i told u already and this proves it!!! im a purse-addict! this is my new baby from mulberry <3 i love her!! oh no more shopping for a while.. i promise!!!! ;)

polkadot <3

thank u for the great gift-advice.. i decided to go with this polkadot dress that she had been drooling over for two years now.. i think she had a good bday and was happy!!! -only the best for th...

what to get the girl who deserves everything?!...

this is me and my best best best friend katinka ...ha ha ha ha ! she is really angry at me in this pic .. ;) she had a good reason too:) anyway, its her 27th birthday tomorrow and i have nooooo i...


first day.. our reaction to iggy pop.... im sorry iggy-fans but that show was just wierd.. kristina, monica & evy <3 THEN I DECIDED TO STALK ASBJRN.. HES A FAMOUS NORWEGIAN MUSIC-CRI...


me and damien rice backstage me and my entourage getting ready for ocean-rafting!! coolest and craziest thing ive done since i went sky-diving years ago.. i thought i was gonna die a couple of ti...

tip; best sushi in oslo! (my favorite)

i cant help myself or keep it a secret anymore.. its just too damn delish!!! if youre ever in oslo visit jonoe sushi and prepare to b blown away! go for the first set menu (bonzo #1) and a cold...

THIS IS A REAL PICTURE!!! (sommerfesten the countdown has begun)

thought id post a picture from my fave festival since its only about two weeks left until the best summerfestival in the world takes place. eivind took this picture @ giske during sommerfesten i...


i like it though.. last couple of days ive been able to finish 3 new songs.. one of which i really like.. im gonna try to do a video of me and my friend doing an acoustic version of one of my son...


another day in the interesting(?) life of...on my new bike in oslo in the summerrain.. loves it!!MY NEW BED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! finally i got off my ass and bought a new one.. mmm cant wait to sleep i...

NORWEGIAN WOOD -an uneventful day in the life of...

right now its that part of summer where everybodys gone on vacation.they might have gone to a warmer place or back home to the town they grew up in..the city is empty and some people find it kind...

R.I.P baby-basil..


to croc or not to croc? a story about packing..

im packing for london and our vacation..londons fine because the weather is almost the same as oslo but were going to a much warmer place for our vacay.. and im having a hard time figuring out ...

old picture.. true story...

i wish.. went to sony musics summerparty last night.. so much fun to see the sony-peeps again.. brought my ipod and shared some of my demos with them just to shut them up... cant really write if...


sorry for my lack of smiling in this pic but it was the only picture i looked half decent in:) ...( bad-hair-week)Anyway.. since were all going on seperate vacations, my friends and i decided to h...

soccer-fun in the sun

cant tell you which teams that played .. or who won but the weather was nice;)have a good one! m.


i did an episode of the norwegian music tv-show "lydverket" together with the wonderful Melissa Horn a couple of months ago where we performed one of her songs was a wonderful and...

new blog.

as some of u might know i used to be an active was easy, i would just snap a picture with my old and scruffy phone, text it to an adress and within seconds it was posted on my blog.. eas...