januar 2011

hello spring?!... please!!!!!!???

i miss the bare asphalt ...


spent most of my day out at "Vinterbro" where the great drummer Brre Flyen, whom weve had the pleasure of playing with before lives and has a great studio.. we managed to record bass, drums and ...

karpe diem... norways best live-act!

and i got to join them on stage yesterday... how fun is that... i dont care if Chirag seemed to be laughing AT me in the middle of the song... i still felt like a real rapper:) ..<3 them!! ...

recording; first band session..

a lot is happening this week.. my producer martin sjlie has set up the first of many (?!) band-sessions for my new album. that means that a lot is going to happen with my little darlings;) im rea...


sick but well taken care of..

every time i feel under the weather i get a care-package full of my favorite things.. makes me feel special and loved.. this is what was in the package today.. minus one thing .. i already ate the...

more tattoos?

the tattoo i got last year was of a bare tree.. its kinda lonely on my arm and im thinking i want more... i like these birds a lot! m.


martin slappin' da bass

purse-porn.. the boston tote edition

hello there.. please give me your purse, thanks. ....all i want for my birthday!!! celine "boston tote" canvas bag. in army-green.. mmmm.. <3


sun is out.. need a break from judging my own demos .. fresh air might be just what the doctor ordered ;) have a good one!! M

.. bliss!

we celebrated our engagement last night together with all of our good friends;) the best part was that Lucy Swann, Melissa Horn, and Lars Lillo-Stenberg sang for us... Im flying... Best night ev...


omg.. look at it.. just LOOK AT IT?!!! -gonna wear all black and this necklace for the rest of my life.. M



listening to demos

photoshoot... listening to my new demos and really enjoying myself... ooooooooooooooh im so excited to release new material!!!! ... hopefully well be done by april;) M ... i totally look lik...

new year fresh start..

.. took this pic yesterday after i left my second birthday-party of the eve (happy b-day Ingvild & Jennifer!) .. ... i left because i have a spinning-class this morning!!!! 2011... what have you d...


.. should i or shouldnt i? choices choices ;)

studio today

was a good day.. going back tomorrow again.. theres something in the air;) creativity!!


... me too.. studio today and were so excited!! i feel like we are on a good path and my producer Martin Sjlie is doing a great job .. were just trying to figure out which direction and what ...

stressing myself out just for the sake of it..

im doing something major in the middle of January (-not work related)... and although it seems like its gonna be worth all the stress , im having a hard time seeing the light at the end of the t...

just checking in...

how was your christmas?! mine was very calm, didnt even quite get in the "mood" but i actually think thats just what i needed.. i feel ready to get back to work, workouts and "real" life:=) ...