juli 2010

today´s photo booth (hippie-mena + info on "sommerfesten")

i can´t deal with this.. i´m so excited!!! our stint at this years "sommerfesten" starts tomorrow already..i told u we don´t get paid right??but that we get paid in experiences..?well i g...

(VIDEO) on stage in zurich

i filmed the stage in zurich... just to give you an idea and to introduce you to some of my band members.. tell me if u like it.. i might make more:) m

pictures from the "live at sunset" festival in zurich

playing at this festival was such a rush.. the people that worked there were so great and we felt included the second we arrived.. the audience listened when they were supposed to and rocked out w...

today´s photo booth (on my way to zurich)

excited about playing in switzerland today.. i always feel so welcome when i´m there.. we usually visit zurich on our german tours and it´s always a (sold out &) great experience! they just "get"...

tip; best sushi in oslo! (my favorite)

i can´t help myself or keep it a secret anymore.. it´s just too damn delish!!! if you´re ever in oslo visit jonoe sushi and prepare to b blown away! go for the first set menu (bonzo #1) and a cold...

today´s photo booth (workin´it out on a saturday morn)

before and after.. i love to work out.. i started running two years ago and i love the it. (before that i had seriously never broken a sweat in my entire life!) since i´m off to switzerland t...

THIS IS A REAL PICTURE!!! (sommerfesten the countdown has begun)

thought i´d post a picture from my fave festival since it´s only about two weeks left until the best summerfestival in the world takes place. eivind took this picture @ giske during sommerfesten i...


i like it though.. last couple of days i´ve been able to finish 3 new songs.. one of which i really like.. i´m gonna try to do a video of me and my friend doing an acoustic version of one of my son...

today´s photo booth + pictures from slottsfjell

i´m absolutely exhausted after a hectic 24 hours in festival-mode followed by a whopping 40 minute run once i got back to oslo.. how i had the energy for that, only god knows.. djeesus! i had su...

today´s photo booth

have a great day everyone!!!!!

today´s photo booth

new jacket;) enjoying oslo these days on my way out now.. bbQ at a friends house.. how is ur summer so far? have a good one!


another day in the interesting(?) life of...on my new bike in oslo in the summerrain.. loves it!!MY NEW BED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! finally i got off my ass and bought a new one.. mmm can´t wait to sleep i...

today´s photo booth

found a bed and had a great day riding my bike around oslo (pictures coming soon..)noe im off to meet my friend monica for dinner..have a good one!

NORWEGIAN WOOD -an uneventful day in the life of...

right now it´s that part of summer where everybody´s gone on vacation.they might have gone to a warmer place or back home to the town they grew up in..the city is empty and some people find it kind...

R.I.P baby-basil..


PICTURES FROM LONDON "hard rock calling"

in 30 degrees+ weather london outdid itself for us during our stay there.-but that was not the only way that london town showed the norwegians a good time..from the moment i arrive i felt well take...


24, Oslo

singer-songwriter all pictures belong to maria mena.