oktober 2010

R.I.P wallet

i wanna dedicate this blogpost to my late but oh so wonderful "miu miu" wallet, may she hopefully bring joy and fierceness to the thiefs life.... btw... who steals wallets anymore?? i mean really....

Bernt jakob won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

eivinds colleague and our good friend bernt jakob oksnes won an amazing award for his work as a journalist this afternoon and we were there to cheer for him.. im sooooo proud! he won for his unb...

someone just sent me this picture;)

... dont know the person or remember this moment but whatever im eating.. it looks good;)

photo booth; wet-head monday

lost photo from our trip to paris

...like i said.. i had soooo much fun in paris. ;)

sex and the (oslo) city.. Samantha.. really ? &%$#"!!!

i was out with my girls the other night and we thought it would be fun to take a picture together (kinda like they did in satc ..) and of course we wanted to see which one fit each character.. how ...

homemade flea-marked;)

heges room; my room; monica`s aka; "vintagequeen" room; yesterday my girlfriends and i decided to have a flea marked at home;) it was a lot of fun and we sold a bunch of things we had no ...

photoshoot (my personal style)

invited a norwegian magazine inside my closet today.. was fun! ill tell u when it comes out:=)

thank u all so much for ur loving comments !!

our friends and family couldnt help themselves.. heres some of their symbolic gestures weddingpizza???? it tasted good;)this is probably the last "engagement" post on this blog or twitter;) ...


i cant even begin to tell you how overwhelmed and happy i am!!yesterday, oct 12th 2010my wonderful boyfriend of 5 years, Eivind Sther asked me to marry him!! -and i saidYES!!..(after looking arou...


im healthier during winter.. summer goes by so fast here in norway and the last thing i wanna do when the sun is shining is go inside a stuffy gym and sweat.. and im not that fond of running outs...

a little bit of everything.. and a whole lot of letting go;)

im cleaning out my closet and selling stuff thats either too small, too big, too ugly or too colorful to a bunch of my friends on saturday.. it feels so good to get rid of stuff thats just been t...

oh wow look at you now, flowers in the window;) -travis.

oh autmn... i absolutely <3 u!!

sunday bliss!

spent the day with family.. im all loved up and ready for a new week of writing;) -wearing my fuzzy peach-colored scarf .. wanna pet it?! :)

christel alsos live @ parkteateret

saw christel live last night, was magical! dont usually go to those kind of "quiet" "jazzy" concerts but it was just what the doctor ordered, quiet before the storm on a saturday night in oslo;) m

"lrdagsrdet" nrk P3

just got home after spending my saturday morning at nrk P3 (radio) and giving people free advice.. had a lot of fun! tonight ill be going to see christel alsos perform at parkteateret.. very exci...

i did it!!!

i can do anything!! se the thing in the background ?? its a heater.. big ollump.. its gone now because I installed a new one on the wall all by my lonesome!! im awesome!

.. paris.

metro...... <3best street! friends<3

tired and inspired

my trip to paris was amazing.. while being there i realized that id never been on a trip with a group of friends before.. i was a late bloomer when it came to making true and strong friendships:=)...