photo booth

tired but happy;)

went a little overboard with the photo booth while i was still in tv-makeup;) ... i had such a great day at "senkveld" i´ve been there so many times now that it always feels like i´m meeting up w...

checking in before senkveld

... on my way to the studio.. be sure to watch it tomorrow;) m

photo booth; wet-head monday

today´s photo booth (the hat)

wearing my new hat from monki.. even though e said i looked like a hunter..

today´s photo booth (2 songs)

on my way to my friend´s 30th bday. been really good today, wrote 2 songs . can´t wait to hit the studio next week been 2 months now, have like 11 new tracks to record!! yay! love, m.

today´s photo booth

writing writing writing.. with my sunglasses on so i view the world in a dark way:) have a great day!! m.

today´s photo booth (don´t dress or act the way u feel)

thought i´d just say hello!! ever since i got home from giske i´ve been chained to the couch.. woken up from a 9 hour sleep just to drag my ass to the couch and lay there for another 12 hours.. i...

today´s photo booth (hippie-mena + info on "sommerfesten")

i can´t deal with this.. i´m so excited!!! our stint at this years "sommerfesten" starts tomorrow already..i told u we don´t get paid right??but that we get paid in experiences..?well i g...

today´s photo booth (on my way to zurich)

excited about playing in switzerland today.. i always feel so welcome when i´m there.. we usually visit zurich on our german tours and it´s always a (sold out &) great experience! they just "get"...

today´s photo booth (workin´it out on a saturday morn)

before and after.. i love to work out.. i started running two years ago and i love the it. (before that i had seriously never broken a sweat in my entire life!) since i´m off to switzerland t...

today´s photo booth + pictures from slottsfjell

i´m absolutely exhausted after a hectic 24 hours in festival-mode followed by a whopping 40 minute run once i got back to oslo.. how i had the energy for that, only god knows.. djeesus! i had su...

today´s photo booth

have a great day everyone!!!!!

today´s photo booth

new jacket;) enjoying oslo these days on my way out now.. bbQ at a friends house.. how is ur summer so far? have a good one!

today´s photo booth

found a bed and had a great day riding my bike around oslo (pictures coming soon..)noe im off to meet my friend monica for dinner..have a good one!

London baby..

and i´m on my way...... see u later!!!!

photo booth

thought i´d begin to update daily pictures of myself on photo booth.. this one is from well.. TODAY!!i´m wearing my new kimono-ish cardigan ..lovesit!on my way out to do the interview.. have a good...