studio & recording

Rushing home!

Rushing home for Dinner after studio today.. And what a Great day It's been, I feel were really on to ssomething great! ! Have a fab eve! M

a stroll on the beach in the sunset @ giske

loved that place!!! (pictures by martin sjlie.)

Running feels like flying out here... Got time for a quick workout before recording

Running feels like flying out here... Got time for a quick workout before recording

On my way to one of my favorite places in Norway.. Giske!

this pic is taken at last years "sommerfesten" festival @ Giske. were recording for my new album in the amazing studio gonna bring a book and my ipad so that...

sick and tired of being sick and tired

.. and now it started snowing again.. crap crappety crap!! honestly, im having a hard time with this weather.. its just so freaking dark and i would give anything to feel the sun on my face these...


spent most of my day out at "Vinterbro" where the great drummer Brre Flyen, whom weve had the pleasure of playing with before lives and has a great studio.. we managed to record bass, drums and ...

recording; first band session..

a lot is happening this week.. my producer martin sjlie has set up the first of many (?!) band-sessions for my new album. that means that a lot is going to happen with my little darlings;) im rea...

martin slappin' da bass



listening to demos

photoshoot... listening to my new demos and really enjoying myself... ooooooooooooooh im so excited to release new material!!!! ... hopefully well be done by april;) M ... i totally look lik...

studio today

was a good day.. going back tomorrow again.. theres something in the air;) creativity!!


... me too.. studio today and were so excited!! i feel like we are on a good path and my producer Martin Sjlie is doing a great job .. were just trying to figure out which direction and what ...

killing my darlings

i had to take a quick break from recording an writing a new song yesterday because i had to do an interview with vg (norwegian newspaper) -it was nice but weird..weird because im not used to promo...

studio today

haha .. martins hair made me laugh..

pictures from todays studio session

since my new iphone<3 is so easy to combine w/my mac i took some pics during todays studio session and thought id share them with u.. i dunno if theyre very interesting but here u are: marti...